Sea Salt Grinder

Quest achieved.

David Lea-Wilson, the man behind our Halen Mon sea salt, has been a man on a mission for decades.

No, it’s not for great salt. He makes that himself.

It’s for a great salt grinder. One that doesn’t corrode. One that grinds the salt to the right coarseness. One that’s attractive and durable. Finally, he found it and has shared it with us.

If you like to buy coarse salt and have found yourself on the same quest as David, you may have your Holy Grail. I’ve been using it for a year and find it very handy.

The grinder is made of thick acrylic. The grind is adjustable and can handle any type of salt (or even other spices).

Sea Salt Grinder

P-GDR 5 inch tall grinder
$25 On Special $40
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