Squid Ink FideuĂ  Noodles

Catalan umami.

You can make pasta the way we're all used to doing it, in a pot of boiling salted water. Or you could add broth to a sauté pan and cook the noodles there. Then you'd be practicing the technique behind fideuà (fid aw WAH), the traditional Catalonia pasta dish.

For some reason fideuà is almost unknown in America.  In fact it's so unknown the only importer who was bringing it in stopped years ago out of sheer lack of customer interest. Recently I missed it so much we decided to bring in a special shipment if, for nothing else, our crew's Friday night dinner. Turns out I can't just import a case so I got a pallet. It's the squid ink version, the noodles jet black, and it's my favorite since it's chock full of iodine umami.

Out of the box it looks like broken black spaghetti, which is more or less what it is. There's a traditional Catalan recipe pairing fideúa with seafood on the box. It's as simple and quick to make as boiled pasta, a great addition to your home cooking repertoire. It'll lead you in countless directions and soon, if you're like me, you'll soon be missing fideuà.

Squid Ink FideuĂ  Noodles

P-FID-SQU 250 g box
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