Formaticum Cheese Paper

Formaticum Cheese Paper

Suit up your cheese.

A specially made two-ply cheese paper that’s perforated inside and waxed on the outside. It breathes and, at the same time, retains moisture. That's a difficult balancing act but one that keeps cheese in good condition.

This is not the paper we use to wrap our cheese for shipment. We use a sturdy foil paper that is excellent and long-lasting. You don't need any more cheese paper than that. But you might want some for cheeses you buy elsewhere.

The paper comes folded in a billfold box which also makes it a smart gift for a cheese freak.

Formaticum Cheese Paper $9
P-FCP Twelve 11 x 14 sheets
Ships for Flat Rate Order as many flat rate items as you'd like
and pay only $9.99 per address.