Creole Mustard

Louisiana style with an Oregon flair.

Creole mustard is a staple in Louisiana kitchens, spicing up everything from remoulade sauce to po' boy sandwiches. It's generally made with coarsely stone-ground mustard seed and plenty of seasonings to give it a kick.

When Pam Kraemer decided to try her hand at making a Creole mustard in Portland, Oregon, she started with an organic, stone-ground mustard and then played around with the seasonings for weeks before she found the right combination. Pam uses a mix of garlic, black pepper, oregano, thyme, cayenne, paprika, and onion to give the mustard a well-balanced warm spiciness.

It's outrageously good on grilled meats, especially burgers and brats. It's also incredible stirred into mac and cheese,  whisked into mashed potatoes, or basted with melted butter on a baked chicken. Or, of course, on a sandwich--especially a po' boy.

Organic, Kosher, certified gluten-free

Creole Mustard

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