Chocolate Almond Coconut Spread

A modern love story.

It’s the food world fairy tale we all wish we lived.

Two people from opposite sides of the world fall in love and start a chocolate company. Sasha was born in India. Trent was born in Connecticut. They met working in the world of high finance and discovered they both loved chocolate more than money. They quit their robber baron lifestyle to blend sugar, fair trade chocolate and sustainable ingredients.

Instead of crafting serious, high cacao content, single varietal bars like most chocolate makers do, they focused on fun, easy-to-enjoy spreads. And they've done a really good job at it. Made from ground almonds, dried coconut and of course chocolate, this take-no-prisoners spread is a luscious, nutty concoction that can bring a sweets lover to their knees. Spoon over sliced apples, make a sandwich with sliced bananas, dip strawberries into it, spread it on toast, ice cream, your finger, anything.

Chocolate Almond Coconut Spread

P-CAC 9.75 oz jar
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