Pistachio Pesto

Italian style comes to peanut butter.

If Miuccia Prada decided to make a version of peanut butter for her fall collection, it might turn out a like this. Beautiful, stylish, incredibly precious, coveted, not made of peanuts at all.

Beautiful green toasted pistachios from Agrigento, Sicily make up 70% of this recipe and 100% of the flavor and color. Peering through the bottom of the jar is like looking through a pistachio kaleidoscope: green, brown and even rose-hued nut morsels spin in golden olive oil. Scoop a little out. It drips like honey off the edge of your spoon. The flavor is like you put the taste of a thousand pistachios on the head of a pin, then poked your tongue with it.

You'll want to brainstorm some good ideas before you start doling any out. Toast some good bread and spread this on while it's still warm. Try it on ice cream. In Sicily I ate a dish where a couple spoons of this pistachio pesto had been mixed with chopped arugula, mint and basil and some olive oil which had been warmed with a clove of garlic, now removed. It was tossed with hot pasta, then served at room temperature—oustanding.

Pistachio Pesto

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