Bulgarian Ketchup

A worthy rival: ketchup match-up.

Ladies and gentleman, in the red corner, the defending champion of American ketchups. You know who it is. And in the blue corner, fighting out of Bulgaria, we have our challenger.

I’ve been searching for great tasting ketchup for years, but they all seem to miss the mark. Some are too sweet, others go crazy with spices and most end up barely tasting like tomatoes any more. That’s why I love this import: it actually tastes like tomatoes. It definitely has sweetness to balance the brightness of the tomatoes, but it doesn’t dominate the flavor like lesser contenders do. The harshest ketchup critic I know (my daughter) declared it “good” between French fry dunks. Anyone with a picky eating toddler knows that’s high praise.

I don’t have any creative suggestions for where or how to use this ketchup. We all know what it’s for and how to use it. Take the ketchup challenge with your favorite and see for yourself. You call the match.

Bulgarian Ketchup

P-BKP 345 g bottle
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