Moutere Grove Olive Oil

Oil from down under.

A truly excellent extra virgin olive oil that comes from New Zealand. Amazingly well rounded and complex, especially for one that’s only been in the works for less than a decade.

Ed and Liz Scott use Tuscan olive varieties on their certified organic farm to lend their oil boost of spicy green olive flavor with a generous dose of pepperiness. That flavor is balanced with a touch of South Pacific lushness thatI swearhints of tropical fruit in the finish.

Try a bottle and bring this fresh set of olive oil flavors to salads, pastas, full-flavored fish or some nice New Zealand lamb grilled with garlic and fresh rosemary.

The latest harvest, pressed in summer of 2013—when it's fall down under—is an electric green color.  The aroma has notes of lemongrass and makes me want to pour it over some fresh mozzarella cheese.  The flavor is bright and mildly green, but what really captures my attention is the texture: silky and luxurious in the front of the mouth, lightly prickly and peppery in the back.  The pleasant flavor lingers long after I've eaten.


"An assertive mix of leccino, frantoio, and pendolino olives; peppery and herbaceous, with hints of... cut grass."
Camas Davis, Saveur

Moutere Grove Olive Oil

O-GRO 500 ml
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