Clos de la Torre Olive Oil

Rare breed from Catalonia.

In the Empordà region in northeast Spain near the French border grows the rare Argudell olive. It's tiny, even smaller than Spain's famous Arbequina. The trees are difficult to grow, and the yield is small. That's the downside. 

On the upside, these olives pack a lot of flavor into their petite purple packages. This oil's unusual blend of Argudell, Picual and Frantoio olives creates an oil with flavors unlike any other on our shelves. It starts off buttery and soft, almost luscious. It grows into something bold and grassy, with notes of red pepper before finishing on the bitter end of the spectrum.

One of the most complex extra virgin olive oils I've tasted.

The latest pressing from fall 2013 is excellent. The aroma as a bitterness like unripe almonds and a freshness like asparagus. The flavor is quite bitter with notes of green banana and fresh cut grass. It builds to a big peppery finish.

Clos de la Torre Olive Oil

O-CLO 500 ml
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