La Quercia Tamworth Iowa Cured Ham

The sweetest ham.

Red Haired Tamworth hogs are a threatened species. The heritage breed was closer to the endangered species list than the dinner table for years, driven to the brink by industrial style pig farming that wanted big pigs with high yield, not necessarily flavor.

Tamworth’s survival isn’t in question nowadays thanks to the efforts of folks like La Quercia and the Ozark Mountain Pork Cooperative. Located in Osage County, Missouri the cooperative is made up of four family run farms who raise their hogs in pastures on the hillsides of the Ozark mountains; an idyllic place for hogs who like to root and run.

One bite of Tamworth and you’ll wonder how it ever fell out of favor. Its texture is succulent, soft. The meat looks just a little pinker than most and golden, luscious fat holds it all in place. The flavor is unmistakable and dominated by sweetness with hints of burnt sugar or caramel. In fact it's easily the sweetest cured ham we offer from the incredible stable of La Quercia hams.  The hams aren't smoked, and they're aged 9-12 months depending on the size - plenty of time to develop that deep flavor.

To slice, use a sharp knife and work the ham lengthwise. Don’t worry about getting big slices—focus on keeping the pieces thin, and make sure your bite has a little bit of meat and fat.  No cooking needed - this ham is best served as is, like prosciutto.

Shipped without ice. It's been cured at ambient temperatures through so it's built to last. Lasts for months when stored in a cool spot. Storage instructions included.

Download our Ham Storage & Slicing instructions.

La Quercia Tamworth Iowa Cured Ham

M-TPS Whole, deboned, unsliced, about 7.5 lbs
ships 2 business days warm weather care
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