Peanut Finished Virginia Cured Ham

Watch out Europe.

Berkshire hogs are a heritage-breed pig renowned for their full flavor. Third-generation ham curer extraordinaire Sam Edwards started using heritage-breed Berkshire hogs several years ago, then upped the flavor for this special edition country ham with peanuts.

Sam took inspiration from the famed Ibérico Bellota ham of Spain.  The hogs behind the legendary meat spend their last few months foraging and feasting on acorns and it has a magically delicious melting effect on their fat.  Instead of acorns, Sam's hogs are finished on a diet that's very heavy in Virginia peanuts. Like the acorns in Spain, the peanut diet creates incredible marbling in the meat, and the fat takes on bellato ham's magical mouth-melting properties. Smoked over hickory for a week and aged for more than 18 months, this bone-in, hoof on ham is exceptional with the complexity and flavor to rival Europe's best.  Very limited supply.

Whole hams are simply wrapped and last for many months. Ships at ambient temperature, store below 70 degrees, ideally between 40 and 60 degrees.

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Peanut Finished Virginia Cured Ham

M-PSY about 17 lbs, whole, bone in, hoof on
Returning August, 2015
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