Red Wattle Osso Buco

Porko buco.

Osso Buco is a nineteenth century Milanese dish that, luckily, has never gone out of style. It's a cut of shank, cooked for hours in a slow braise of wine, tomato, carrots, celery, and onions. Traditionally it's made with veal but it's also delicious with pork - especially when the pork is from Red Wattle hogs, whose fat turns meltingly tender.

We'll send a group of 8 oz pieces of raw shank cut from Red Wattles raised humanely, with acess to the outdoors, given natural feed with no hormones nor antibiotics. Ships frozen.

Red Wattle Osso Buco - Four Pieces

M-OSS-4 Four 8 oz pieces in one 2-lb package
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Red Wattle Osso Buco - Eight Pieces

M-OSS-8 eight 8 oz pieces in two 2-lb packages
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