Nodine's Apple Smoked Bacon

Subtle, sweet bacon from Connecticut.

One of the long-time premier bacon makers on the East Coast, Nodine’s has been curing in Goshen, Connecticut, since 1969. They do a whole array of smoked meats (I’m a big fan of their smoked chicken breat), including a range of different bacons, all of which start with a wet cure of water, salt, sugar and nitrite.

“We only smoke the pork about 12 hours. How long it’s in there depends on which ‘house’ it’s in. We don’t want a real heavy smoke on it.” Says Ron Nodine, who founded the smokehouse 40 years ago.

For this bacon, they smoke the slabs over dried apple pumice. It's an old practice in New England. Cider makers give the dried pumice remaing after apple cider production, then they pass that along to Nodine's. Instead of applewood, it's smoked over actual apples.

The flavor is sort of sweet, lightly smoky with a long finish that's soft and pleasant—ideal for those who like their bacon on the lighter end of the spectrum but still complex and interesting. It’s particularly nice with seafood and other dishes with more subtle flavors. 

Nodine's Apple Smoked Bacon

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