Nduja from La Quercia

Nduja from La Quercia

A spicy spread guaranteed to boost the flavor of everything in your kitchen.

Nduja is a specialty of Calabria in Italy, where they love chiles and anything spicy. Traditionally, this spread would have been made from the “poor cuts” of preserved pork. It would have been a peasant food. They couldn’t buy the best cuts of meat, but with the right spices and a little ingenuity they could make something outstanding.

Enter La Quercia, American Prosciutto makers in Norwalk, IA. Kathy and Herb Eckhouse have been making prosciutto from heritage breed hogs for nearly two decades now. Many (including myself) consider them to be among the finest makers of cured meats in the world. This is the first time they’ve ever made Nduja to sell and you can be among the first to experience it. Anywhere.

Herb and Kathy make their Nduja from prosciutto and speck, the polar opposite of poor cuts. The meats are ground and blended with American red pepper to make a spreadable treat that spices up all sorts of dishes. Toss a dollop with pasta, spread it on a burger, vegetables, or good crusty bread. Any dish that could use a little character is fair game. It’s spicy, but not terribly hot so go to town on it.

As far as storage goes, keep it in the fridge, but Herb and Kathy recommend serving it at room temperature.

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