Nduja from La Quercia: Ashley's favorite

A spicy spread guaranteed to boost the flavor of everything in your kitchen.

Ashley is a captain in our Mail Order Service Center. When we asked her about her favorite product, here's what she had to say:

I've enjoyed all things pork my entire life, but when I discovered La Quercia I knew I had found the best of the best. Salty foods are my go-to snack and knowing that La Quercia uses only humanely raised hogs made them my top choice. I've eaten cured meats like proscuitto and speck for many years, but even though at La Quercia the Nduja is made from prosciutto and speck it was a new experience. They grind up the cured meat and blend in American red pepper to make a delicious spread.

I immediately fell in love with Nduja. The combination of the salt, pork, and spices balance beautifully into a symphony of savory delight with just a hint of spice. No one flavor dominates the others, and I've found that this is equally as delicious on crackers with cheese, on a sandwich, or with a spoon.

Be sure to get it out of the fridge early for maximum flavor as it really seems like room temperature brings the Nduja to life. 

Nduja from La Quercia: Ashley's favorite

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