Salami Musica

24 hour energy meat.

Salami Musica was originally made for salami maestro Christiano Creminelli's hometown music festival. The party lasts twenty-four hours and the band requested meat that could keep them going all night.

Move over, 5 hour energy drink.  Here's the 24 hour energy meat.  Spiked with 10% pork liver which gives it extra gusto.  From Creminelli, in Utah.

Salami Serving Tips

  • Slice to order to prevent drying and oxidization.
  • Try slicing it on the thicker side. I think the flavor and texture are more enjoyable that way.
  • Like most traditional foods, serving salami at room temperature versus straight out of the fridge will give you a lot more flavor.
  • Soft, patchy white mold on the outside is natural. You can eat it or not, your choice.

Salami Musica

M-MUS 7 oz
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