Baker's Club

Baker's Club

Totally baked.

With this club you'll find a new collection of all-natural, handmade pastries from Zingerman's Bakehouse on your porch every month.

We still bake old fashioned way, with fresh eggs, full-fat butter and real vanilla. You really can taste the difference.

Prices include shipping and handling. $10 extra per month for shipments to Alaska & Hawaii.

  Three Installments Six Installments
Month 1 Four assorted Brownies Four assorted Brownies
Month 2 One pound gift box of Rugelach One pound gift box of Rugelach
Month 3 Cinnamon Rolls Cinnamon Rolls
Month 4   Chocolate Banana Bread
Month 5   Four assorted Mini Coffeecakes
Month 6   Gift box of one dozen Macaroons
Free Shipping $99 $199

Wanna let the recipient know what they're in for now? Download this card and give it to them in person!

Baker's Club $99
G-P-3 3 month Free Shipping
Baker's Club $199
G-P-6 6 month Free Shipping