The Heathcliff Cheese Pairing

Cheese love for the tortured romantic.

He was a brazen, bold rogue, like all romantic leads should be. She was sweet and tender and confused, as all well bred women were. Their love was the template for a million romances yet to be written.

The affection between Bailey Hazen Blue cheese and Italian chestnut honey sets the standard for cheese pairings that Bronte did for lovers. They're from two different worlds, putting them together shouldn't make sense, but it does, oh how it does.

Smoky, intense, with hardcore flavor. For the tortured romantic cheese lover in all of us.

A half pound wedge of Jasper Hill's impeccable Baley Hazen and a jar of Northern Italian chestnut honey come nestled like lovebirds in our fun, illustrated gift box.

The Heathcliff Cheese Pairing

G-HEA cheese pair gift box, provides romantic snacks for 2
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