The Food Explorer's Club

The Food Explorer's Club

Trekking across the culinary landscape one product at a time.

The Food Explorer's Club is the cousin to Zingerman's Culinary Adventure Society, the once-every-three-months dive into our latest food finds. Where the Society features upwards of ten items each shipment, Explorer's highlights just one or two and ships every month.  A brand new find. It might be an old food just discovered. Or a new one just born. Either way, it will be something that will be like electricity to a curious cook or food lover.

We'll include information on who made it and how to use it. The value of each monthly installment may be more or less than the average, but we promise that over the course of every three months you'll more than get your money's-and tastebuds'-worth.

$10 extra per installment for shipments to Alaska or Hawaii.

Wanna let the recipient know what they're in for now? Download this card and give it to them in person!

The Food Explorer's Club $125
G-EXP-3 3 month Free Shipping
The Food Explorer's Club $240
G-EXP-6 6 month Free Shipping
The Food Explorer's Club $475
G-EXP-12 12 month Free Shipping