Coffeecake Club

Coffeecake Club

A new coffeecake every month, delivered to their door.

Our coffeecakes aren’t built on any secrets. They're also not built from too much sugar, shortening or other shortcuts that mar the flavor of many "gourmet" pastries that look nice but taste bland. These are the product of great ingredients, solid recipes and a lot of tender care. They're our most popular gift—we ship thousands to food lovers across America every year.

Enter our coffeecake club, and you can send our top-selling coffeecakes over and over, month after month. They'll have the opportunity to try all of our most famous coffeecakes, one per month. Just as they start to miss the one they finished off a couple weeks ago, a new one will show up. Your delicious gift will arrive in our printed gift box for up to six months, making your succulent sentiments hard to forget. A gift subscription makes a great professional present.

Each cake serves 5-7. Prices include shipping and handling. $10 extra per month for shipments to Alaska & Hawaii.

  Three Months Six Months
Month 1 Sourcream Sourcream
Month 2 Summer Fling Summer Fling
Month 3 Hot Cocoa Hot Cocoa
Month 4   Tea Cake
Month 5   Lemon Poppyseed
Month 6   Gingerbread
Free Shipping $120 $230

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Zingerman's Monthly Coffeecake Club $120
G-C-3 3 Month Free Shipping
Monthly Coffeecake Club $230
G-C-6 6 Month Free Shipping