Brad's Guided Tasting

Virtual tastebuds.

Brad has been selecting and writing about products for Zingerman's Mail Order for years-he's the driving force behind our award-winning Culinary Adventures Society and Food Explorers Clubs. Now, thanks to the Internet, he's ready to bring all that experience (and some say charm) to wherever you are.

Brad will work with you to select a personalized collection of food and send it where you'd like. Once the food arrives, Brad will fire up a videoconference and (virtually) connect with you face to face (or, if you're in Ann Arbor, it can be done in person). You'll get a thirty minute personally guided tour of food, taking time to explain the makers, processes and flavors behind each product received. By the end you'll be ready to entertain and educate fellow foodies with all you've learned and tasted.

Limited edition of 5 tastings to be sold, food value is $250.

Brad's Guided Tasting

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