Comté from Fort St. Antoine

The cheesemonger's choice.

Selected just for us from the renowned cheese caves of France's legendary Jura affineur, Maison Marcel Petite. These cheeses are aged inside the 19th-century Fort St. Antoine. Cheesemongers Jason Hinds and Dominic Coyte of Essex Cheese Company visit the caves every six weeks to choose these wheels for us. They select mostly summer cheeses, those made only when the cows are out to pasture in the flowering hills. These wheels, aged for over a year, have the most complex flavors.
Fudgy texture, well balanced, never bitey flavor, Essex selected Comté has a buttery, hazelnut taste that grows on the tongue. It finishes with a wave of cream that slowly expands to fill your entire mouth. A comic's comic, a writer's writer, this is a cheesemonger's cheese. I could eat it every day.

Consistently delicious, Brad's favorite cheese. One of the most complex and fulfilling cheeses you can buy, it eats like a meal. Our current wheel was made in April 2013.

" ...looks like silk and dissolves smoothly on the tongue."
Janet Fletcher, San Francisco Chronicle

"The best comté I've tasted."
Michael, East Northport, NY

Video inside the caves of Fort Saint Antoine:

Comté from Fort St. Antoine

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