Roadhouse Round

Bigger = Better.

Zingerman’s popular Roadhouse bread, now available in a 2 kilo (4.4 lb) round.
This is the traditional way peasant breads were baked and bigger breads almost always taste better. They also last and last. Quarter them up and freeze, they’ll store for months.
Roadhouse Bread is based on an early American recipe made by combining Michigan rye flour and cornmeal with wheat. The ratio of wheat we're using is probably higher than the typical farmer could have afforded, but anyone from an 18th-century New Englander to Laura Ingalls Wilder would recognize and enjoy it today.

It's got a really great crust and soft chewy center that has a slight sweetness from the addition of dark molasses. Excellent with fresh cream cheese and smoked salmon.

Heat the bread when you're ready to eat. Click here for instructions.

Roadhouse Round Bread

B-2K-ROA 2 kilo round
ships 2 business days
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