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Zingerman's Guide to Great Service

In hardcover, audio CD, Spanish and Russian language versions.

Eighty percent of complaining customers are unhappier after they complain. Why? How do you deal with tough customers? Or really good ones? Here's our quick guide to treating customers like royalty. It details our recipes for giving great service and for effectively handling customer complaints. There are plenty of usable, teachable tips and tools that are applicable for service providers in organizations of any size, in any industry.

Zingerman's Guide to Great Service

P-ARI-7 Hardcover 144 pgs
$3.99 book rate shipping

Zingerman's Guide to Great Service 3 Audio CD's

P-ARI-8 3 Audio CD's
$3.99 book rate shipping

Guide to Great Service in Spanish

P-ARI-9 Softcover 127 pages
$3.99 book rate shipping

Guide to Great Service in Russian

P-ARI-14 hardcover, 151 pages
$3.99 book rate shipping

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