AeroPress Espresso Maker

Human powered espresso.

For those looking for simplicity in espresso-making, here you go: the Aeropress espresso maker. No cords to manage, no resevoirs to fill, no gaskets to clean. It's entirely human powered and makes a pretty darn good cup.

The cyllindrical maker is virtually indestructable and simple to use. You put finely ground coffee into the chamber, pour in hot water and push down on the plunger apparatus. Twenty seconds later you've got a cup of espresso.

With a well-functioning espresso machine coming in at several hundred dollars this makes for an affordable foray into home espresso. It totally beats the hundred dollar Krups machines that never get enough pressure to make a proper cup. It also comes in handy when you travel or, for those mornings when the hurricane has knocked your power out. Excellent for students.

Dishwasher safe.

350 filters come with each Aeropress. Stocking up on additional filters is encouraged. Available below. 

AeroPress Espresso Maker

AeroPress Espresso Maker
P-APE 1 - 4 cup coffee and espresso maker

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