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Masia el Altet Olive Oil

Mountain oil.

This vibrant extra virgin olive oil is made high in Valencia’s Alicante mountains in Spain, 2,500 feet above sea level and less than 25 miles from the Mediterranean. It’s a very unique microclimate for olives, with cool evenings and breezes and a winter that borders on inhospitable, all of which contribute to Masia el Altet’s considerable depth of character.

The oil has a grassy aroma with a hint of tomato leaf and thyme. Its color is deep green tinged with yellow. The flavor is very round, sweet and apple-y through the middle, like a big juicy fruit. It made me want to chew on it, a good sign that it’s ready to join dinner. Bring it out when you’re dressing a fresh leafy salad, or pour it generously over roasted, crispy vegetables just out of the oven.

Masia el Altet Olive Oil

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