La Quercia Acorn Edition Ham

Platinum Plated Pig

La Quercia’s Acorn Edition is made to the highest standards for any ham I've ever had.

These unsmoked hams, aged for an exceptional two to three years, are from Berkshire/Cheshire white pigs who lived the last four months of their lives feasting on acorns, just as the famed Ibérico hogs do in Spain. It’s just that these do it in the Midwest.

The effect of an acorn diet on the ham’s fat is magical. It softens it, lowering its melting point to near body temperature so that when you bite into a piece it practically melts on your tongue. This is an exceptional eating experience. If you’re looking for something special, there isn’t anything quite like it. Only thirty of these hams are available in the country each year.

If you are looking for an extraordinary gift for a serious food lover this is it.

Need a stand for your ham? Grab one here.

To slice, use a sharp knife and work the ham lengthwise. Don’t worry about getting big slices—focus on keeping the pieces thin, and make sure your bite has a little bit of meat and fat. No cooking necessary - the ham is best served as is, like you would prosciutto. 

Shipped without ice. It's been cured at ambient temperatures so it's built to last. Lasts for months when stored in a cool spot. Storage instructions included.

Download our Country Ham Storage and Slicing instructions.

La Quercia Acorn Edition Ham

La Quercia Acorn Edition Ham $1,000
M-AEH About 16 lbs, whole ham, bone in Free Shipping

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