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Barrel Aged Greek Feta

Moist, creamy feta from Greece.

We’re all familiar with feta, the crumbly tangy, salty sheep’s milk cheese from Greece and the Balkans. But lots of imitators skate the edge of authenticity in search of bigger profits and higher yields. Not this one.

What this feta is not:

  • Made from cow’s milk like 90% of all feta sold in North America.
  • Sharp or bitey flavored.
  • Very dry and crumbly.

What it is:

  • Made from the milk of pasture grazing sheep and goats in Greece. A more diverse diet for the herd makes for more complex flavored milk.
  • Aged for two months in barrels — the traditional way to mature feta.
  • Extremely well balanced in flavor.
  • Moist and slightly creamy.

Thank goodness for Vasili Roussas. He’s the young cheesemaker behind this traditionally made feta. Every day he blends the sheep and goats milk to make the cheese. Sometimes there’s more sheep’s milk, so he uses less of the goat. Other times there’s less, so he tweaks the recipe the other way. Though Vasili achieves consistency in each batch, every day’s production is slightly different and no two pieces of his feta are the same. Great sprinkled over grilled meats, atop salads or cubed and tossed with tomatoes. Better yet, try Mo’s recipe:

Mo’s Feta Salad
Play around with the proportions a bit. If you like more feta, add more feta. Love tomatoes? Well, you get the idea.

- Coarsely chop tomatoes, peeled cucumbers, red onion.
- Crumble in large chunks of feta.
- Combine into a large bowl, douse with olive oil.
- Mix well then let the salad sit on the counter at room temperature for about an hour.
- Season with sea salt and Marash red pepper flakes and perhaps some Oregano to taste.
- Scoop and serve alongside some crusty Paesano.

Barrel Aged Greek Feta

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