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Don't let the name stop you.

Crottin de Chavignol is one of France’s most misunderstood goat cheeses. The name contributes a lot to the problem. Quite bluntly it means "horse dung" which, as you might imagine, hasn't won the cheese any friends amongst those who fear finding themselves succumbing to some cheese that's too strong for their standard approach to eating. The earliest written records of goat cheese in the region is 1573, but goats were introduced into the area long before by the Saracens so there was likely to have been goat cheese many years earlier.

Made into small two ounce mounds that do in fact bear some unfortunate resemblance to the source of the name, they develop a thin, wrinkly rind during their two to three months of maturing. While the name may be a bit off putting to those with fear of excessive flavor, the truth is that the goat cheese inside is accessible and delicious. No need to cut and run when you see a crottin coming. Instead, I'd suggest you sit back, cut a slice and nibble away to your heart's content. What you'll find inside is amazingly accessible and downright delicious. A concentrated burst of goat cheese flavor, intense without ever being overwhelming.


C-CRO 2 oz piece

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