Apple Bacon Coffeecake

Next victim!

The bacon invasion continues: it has now infiltrated the most popular pastry we make, our legendary Sourcream Coffeecake.

Chunks of apples and pieces of Nueske’s amazing Applewood Smoked Bacon are mixed with top-notch ingredients like Indonesian cinnamon and real sour cream from Guernsey farm in Northville, Michigan.

Like the rest of our coffeecakes, it’s baked in a traditional bundt pan. Unlike our other cakes, it’s savory and sweet at the same time and a true testament to the limitless possibilities of bacon. What can't it do?

Due to the perishability of the Applewood Smoked Bacon it's best to open and enjoy it as soon as it's received. Don't want to eat it right away? Stick it in the freezer where it will wait patiently until its number is called. 

Gift boxed in our wooden cheese crate or our fun, cartoon cardboard gift box.

Apple Bacon Coffeecake

Nosher Apple Bacon Coffeecake in our Cartoon Cardboard Box $45
A-BCF-S Nosher-sized, 6 inch diameter, serves 5-7 Free Shipping
Gift Boxed Nosher Apple Bacon Coffeecake in Wooden Crate $50
G-BCF-S Nosher-sized, 6 inch diameter, serves 5-7 Free Shipping

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